About Prime Tea Ceylon

PRIME TEA CEYLON has won over a significant portion of the export market, particularly in Europe, Australia, UAE – Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Maldives etc, under the prestigious ‘Prime Tea Ceylon’ brand.Today it stands so proud with a long history and the heritage of a rich generation of professionals in the Tea industry and produces an attractive range of Tea, manufactured in their factory with carefully handpicked fresh Tea leaves from its own Raxawa Tea estates in the hill capital, Kandy. Prime Tea Ceylon took another giant step forward in supplying superior quality Tea for other Tea brands under their branding and labelling as per each brand’s requirement.

History of Our Strength

This Legacy and prestigious Icon in the Ceylon Tea industry, has travelled forward nearing the century mark. Raxawa Tea factory was established by the Irish in 1934. We carefully handpick the freshest, tender Tea leaves from our very own Raxawa Tea Estate in Kandy, which is then manufactured in our very own Tea Factory. We lead with a highly qualified, trained and experienced team of professionals whose expertise extend into planting, manufacturing and marketing. It is with these pillars of strength that we set the foundation for our successful step export journey through the Prime Tea Ceylon.


A unique, unmatched professional Tea tasting experience

Raxawa Tea lounge is located in the heart of the Colombo city which can accommodate 30-35 guests at a time. Our valuable customers at the Tea lounge are always treated with a cup of Raxawa garden fresh Tea, where they can enjoy the Tea, seated in the exclusively designed mini garden. The mini garden offers a spectacular Sea view and the sunset. It’s captivating and mind-blowing sea breeze, to our prestigious customers.Raxawa is very well-known for its wide range of Ceylon Tea & Spice products. This exclusive Tea lounge which has been approved by the tourist board of Sri Lanka, is gaining wider popularity among the locals and the foreigners’ day by day.

Health Benifits

  • Tea drinking could help to reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  • Both black and green Tea consumption could reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Tea extracts and Tea polyphenols could inhibit the platelet aggregation to a certain degree.
  • Tea consumption improves endothelial function.
  • Polyphenols could directly react and neutralize chemical carcinogens, reducing the risk of cancer.
  • Our body itself has enzyme systems (mainly in the liver) that act to detoxify toxic and carcinogenic agents which enter the body where regular consumption of Tea increases the activity of these detoxifying enzymes.
  • Tea could also act to improve oral health and increase the useful microbial population in the intestine hence it helps to improve the quality of life in elderly people.